Body Piercing Boston Services

Our resident piercer is very passionate about his work, and in turn, will never do a piercing he does not feel can be done safely and precisely. As of now, all our piercings occur on a walk in only basis, so give us a call ahead of time to make sure we have availabilities in the day.

What Is a Body Piercing?

A piercing is a hole or puncture of sorts made by a needle through a layer of tissue which jewelry is able to fit through and safely remain while the piercing heals. Many people pierce their noses, ears, lips, or naval, but piercing comes in many forms and styles from oral piercings, to surface anchor pieces embedded into the skin.

What is it like getting pierced?

The licensed piercer will wash his or her hands with antibacterial soap and water and wear clean, fresh gloves to ensure a clean and sterile environment.
The area to be pierced (except for the tongue which is cleaned with a form of listerine) is cleaned with alcohol or another type of antiseptic. All l needles and equipment used is fully sterilized prior to the procedure.

Your skin is then punctured with a very sharp, sterile, single-use needle, and the sterile jewelry is then placed into the hole created. The piercing is then cleaned of any blood, and you will receive aftercare instructions.

If you have any questions after you leave the shop, our staff is more than willing to help you out if you stop in or give us a call.

Our Piercing Work